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Ongoing professional development enhances product quality, consistency and strengthen staff retention.

If you can engage with your students and motivate them with amazing lessons that deliver real results, they will remain in your swim school for much longer.

The underlying Northern Arena philosophy is consistent delivery of product. This can be achieved only through a solid teacher training system and ongoing professional development. Northern Arena can add incomparable value with the preparation of
administration and teaching staff and by providing on the job training at Northern Arena. Staff support training is critical for Northern Arena licensed swim schools to ensure the delivery of a world class operation. 


The biggest challenge at every swim school is the maintenance and continual training of staff. Northern Arena employs swim school teachers for an average of 18 months. By industry standards this is very high. However, the continual training of new staff can be easily overlooked if adequate systems are not in place to ensure they reach the required bench mark standard, before delivering a Northern Arena lesson. Northern Arena provides continual support in training, certification and up skilling of swim school staff.

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